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With a variety of tasks to complete, our Balboa Park Scavenger Hunt allows participants to tap into their teammates’ varied talents and skills, highlighting the power of working as a group. Photo and video missions are interspersed with problem solving tasks, allowing for lasting team building memories – perfect for the next company meeting or end-of-year party.

Developed as a part of the San Diego State University Master’s program in Hospitality and Tourism Management, with consultation from a seasoned Human Resources professional with a PhD in Human and Organizational Systems, this program is flexible to the needs of your organization. Do you want to strengthen the team’s leadership skills? Bond to create better work groups? Or just have a good time outdoors with your colleagues? This program can be tailored to your goals. We can accommodate small workgroups to large departments, multiple and single legs, and a beverage from a local coffee cart is included if you choose. Contact us for details and pricing.


Included: Scavenger Hunt host plus support staff for hands-on activities, all scavenger hunt supplies, & one beverage at a local coffee cart can be included

Not included: Additional food and beverages, & additional purchases such as souvenirs and items of a personal nature

What to bring: Walking shoes, sunglasses, sunscreen and/or a hat, light jacket or layers, & water in a reusable container

About your host: With a Master’s in Hospitality and Tourism Management, focusing on leadership, your host can head pre- and post-tour discussions on what the group learned during their experience.

Need More Information?

Need More Information?